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Should we have stayed at home, wherever that may be?

Architectural Review March 2016
On International Women's Day, the contribution of one of the unheralded hero's of Brazilian modernism is described and assessed. read more…

Milan: The Ex-Expo

Icon August 2015
The Milan Expo is clearly a failure, but why? Tim Abrahams considers the 2015 event in historical context. read more…

A City with Many Names

Blueprint June 2008
Portland is at the forefront of hi-tech industry and American libertarianism. Tim Abrahams reports on the city’s current creative boom read more…

Written in Blood

The Herald Magazine April 2008
Once General Franco used them to violently repress his Republican foes. Now the Catalan victims of the Salamanca Papers want them back. Tim Abrahams reports read more…

At The Edge of Europe

Blueprint March 2008
The European Union is about to decide the fate of a nuclear power station that was the largest in the world when the Soviets completed it. read more…

Theatre of Conflict

Sunday Herald August 2004
As a leading Palestinian lawyer and activist, fighting for the rights of his people was a frustrating battle. But Raja Shehadeh found solace at the Festival and through penning a book which is now being brought to the stage, reports Tim Abrahams. read more…

Our New Migrants: Single, Young and Female

The Observer April 2004
As the European Union prepares to accept its 10 new member countries, a new type of immigrant is preparing to arrive on British shores. And she is young, single and clever. read more…