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Architecture and Design

Bricks and Mortar Boards

The Economist April 2017
The dons of Oxford have an eye for modern architecture. Can they plan the city’s expansion too? read more…

From pigsties to prime locations

The Economist February 2017
A change in the law is letting farmers give their outbuildings a makeover. According to Tim Abrahams the results for English countryside are brutalist barns and concrete cowsheds. read more…

Miami Beach, the world’s best parking spot

The Economist January 2017
The latest prestigious development in Miami Beach boasts yet another glamorous car park. Why do developers in the city make statements out of boring buildings? read more…

Should we have stayed at home, wherever that may be?

Architectural Review March 2016
On International Women's Day, the contribution of one of the unheralded hero's of Brazilian modernism is described and assessed. read more…

Personal animus or civic function?

Architectural Review September 2015
In an industrial quarter of Milan, OMA has created a dialogue which questions our relationship with the past and proposes a new way of posing an eternal architectural question. read more…

Milan: The Ex-Expo

Icon August 2015
The Milan Expo is clearly a failure, but why? Tim Abrahams considers the 2015 event in historical context. read more…

A new line on Rennie Mackintosh, the Glasgow genius

The Times February 2015
Charles Rennie Mackintosh is one of the leading figures of late 19th and early 20th Century architecture. An new exhibition reconsiders his legacy. read more…

Post-Match Analysis

Icon November 2014
The 2014 World Cup in Brazil rekindled the debate about the legacy of sporting events. But few people made the aesthetic case read more…

Casablanca: The romance of a city

Canadian Centre for Architecture January 2014
The planner Michel Ecochard's love-letter to the city he helped turn into a metropolis gives us an insight into his genius. read more…

Computers in Theory and Practice

Architectural Review April 2013
A landmark new exhibition at the CCA unearths the story of four projects, which taken together show how the computer has radically changed architectural design. read more…

Send to Print: Print to Send

Icon February 2012
For two years now we've been told about the potentials of 3D printing as a means of revolutionising design, but now we have some idea how this may happen. read more…

Reinventing the Tower

Wired February 2012
The Orbit tower reaches its conclusion but how did this manic swirl of a tower come into being? And how does it stay up? read more…

Historical Fantasy in Scotland's Capital

Scottish Review of Books May 2011
A new book about Patrick Geddes gives us an insight into how an overly Romantic image of Edinburgh has hamstrung its development. read more…

Gothic Revival

New Statesman September 2010
Britain has made a great contribution ot the Venice Architecture Biennale but what of the revaluation of John Ruskin? read more…

The World's First Printed Building

Blueprint March 2010
Enrico Dini has ramped up the 3D printer to a new scale, creating a machine which has the potential to reshape architecture. read more…

The City They Had To Move

Wired May 2009
Its mine brought wealth to Kiruna, in Northern Sweden. Now it is killing it from beneath. Kiruna’s time is up. So one man must relocate it. read more…

Stephen's Centre

Blueprint July 2008
The trust, established in the name of a young black man murdered by white youths, has given itself a great platform to improve the built environment. read more…